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I'm on El Dorado and that specific musket or similar musket with the different attunement perk is going for 100k+. Nyx (EU) 5.555 was the specific number. The stats are full Int which might have tanked the price I guess. But for Musket that's basically just the same since you want the 150 Int node anyways.1-60 New World Premium Leveling Guide. $ 29.99. NWHUB.GG is the ultimate resource center for the highly anticipated MMORPG New World by Amazon Game Studios. We will continuously strive to build the best tools, publish the best guides, and serve the rapidly growing New World community to the best of our ability.I know the musket nerfs have pushed many of us away from playing the weapon. I will say I am enjoying this build a lot more than I thought I originally would...Legendary. 625. Gear. Score. 26 Dexterity. Empty Socket Attach a gem to add its effect. Human Ward PvE Only: +4.9% Damage Absorption against Humans. Empowering Breaker When your attacks are blocked, gain a stack of Empower, increasing damage by 3.9% for 5s (Max 5 stacks). Refreshing Reduce max cooldowns by 2.9%.New World - Hatchet, Life Staff and Musket Build Guide First prioritize hatchet (melee berserker then ranged throwing) while life staff secondary (forAssuming you’re going 150 int and the rest dex, your damage on the fire staff will be pretty bad. Musket and VG 20% empower from oblivion sounds like an out of the box build that could be fun though not sure how effective it would be in practice. As a hammer/axe boi and without reading your post, I say very stupid.Want to decrease your PING and boost your FPS in New World & over 1000 other online games? Use NoPing: (Test for 7 days for free, no...In this guide, we will explore the ultimate musket builds for Season 2 in New World. These builds have been extensively tested and are designed to maximize damage and effectiveness. There are 5 different builds to choose from, each with specific perks and gear sets. Whether you prefer elemental aversion, freedom duelist, double ranged, or a one-shot build, we have you covered.Summon the void! You create a 5m void that deals 30% weapon damage to enemies per second, as well as Empowering you and your allies, increasing your weapon damage by 15%. This ability lasts for 6s and comes at the cost of 30 mana and a 16.3s cooldown. The buff is great, especially if you have allies to benefit from it.Frostbarrel (T5) is one of the Epic Muskets in New World. Muskets are one of the 11 Weapon types available in New World for the players to choose from, and are ideal for engaging multiple Enemies. Muskets damage scale with Dexterity 90% and Intelligence 65%.. For those who like to keep their trigger-finger cool. Frostbarrel (T5) Related Masteries ...The ultimate guide to playing War Hammer in New World: abilities, gems, builds, etc.In order for us to make the best articles possible, share your corrections, opinions, and thoughts about 「Best DPS Builds (Update 1.2.1) | New World」 with us! When reporting a problem, please be as specific as possible in providing details such as what conditions the problem occurred under and what kind of effects it had.Which is better for Musket/Rapier Dex or Int? Dex. Primary scaling stat is Dex meaning you get more benefit per point of dex than you do of int. Primary stat (left) will always give you more benefit than the secondary stat (right) Actually just posted another thread about weapon scaling based on attributes haha.Learn how to snipe your foes in New World with this in-depth guide to the Musket weapon. Find out the skills, passives, perks, and builds for PvE and PvP, as well as weapon pairings and patch notes.This New World Musket build is for those who want damage over anything else. If you think that the best defense is attacking with all you got, the build brings a combination of Powder Burn, Stopping Power, and Sticky Bomb. This is a very hard combo to perform, so you must be careful.A Chinese company thinks they’ve simplified the construction process so much that they can build the world’s tallest skyscraper in 90 days. A Chinese company thinks they’ve simplif...Musket and Rapier PvP Build for New World. The Musket and Rapier are frequently seen together. You are amble to play at the maximum distance away from targets and still kill them in just a few …Only 27% of the phones on earth are smartphones. That’s why Facebook, for example, is dominating emerging markets by catering to users of so-called “feature phones.” Only 27% of th...It's tempting to want to feel safe with a lot of con in your build, but Musket shines the most when you go glass, learn your burst windows, and practice good...October 16, 2021, Castielle , 0. New World Build Guide for the Hatchet and Great Axe. This Hatchet Build Guide focuses on surviveability and damage, and is excellent for the solo player who may be having a hard time. This Build is also fantastic in Expeditions, group play, and in PvP, making it one of the best all around Builds in New World.The ultimate guide to playing Ice Gauntlet in New World: abilities, gems, builds, etc.The Musket in New World can pump out some huge damage if statted correctly. I've tried a few different builds and found that in PvE, if correctly gemmed for ...Either buy or craft a musket with a gem slot and put an elemental gem in it, dump all stats into int, craft or buy bullets better than iron, get gear that amplifies abilities and int. That should give you enougb power and a bit of cc. Trap bomb staggers as well, so spec into that. I’ve been playing for a bit now and have been messing around ...I've played musket since launch and have swayed between light and medium armor. In my opinion right now light armor is the best for pvp while medium is my go to for pve type stuff. The new dodging with light armor is so much better than the old system (in my opinion). Some people like to run 300/150/50 but I've been running 300/200 glass ...Best Bow Build In New World . The Bow is incredibly strong, arguably one of the best ranged weapons in the game. It serves as a harder-hitting alternative to the Musket, although you'll have to ...Welcome to’s Musket Bow New World PvP Build! This build is intended for group PvP specifically, whether it be open world, outpost rush or wars. The build excels at taking down enemies from a long-range, and is especially potent at keeping enemies off of siege equipment. This build is a specialized range build for …This New World pvp build guide is one of the highest damage dealers in the game. Glass cannon refers to doing tons of damage but also being very easy to take...**New Musket Build for Season 1: are many mixed opinions on the musket in New World. Although it does get old getting shot...I'm doing this build, level 15 so far. think the most important skills are the shield Bash + sword twirl for tanking + cc, and the burning shot + the sticky bomb as they give good damage vs undead (which normally resists your musket default damage) im lvl 60 and want to switch it up, im getting bored of the normal builds for musket.Find out the best gems and consumables for Musket in New World.The Musket is a great weapon for solo leveling and for PvP. Here's our guide to the best Musket build in New World.Build for Rapier and Musket, RP MS. This Build for New World Character created by ErenAtilla_. This build is Ranged, PvP OnlyItems. Thrust Ward IV +5% Thrust Damage Absorption. Empty Socket Attach a gem to add its effect. Refreshing Toast Potions cooldown 29% faster. Refreshing Reduce max cooldowns by 2.9%. Regenerating +0.6% Health every second.Full build video for after patch musket absolute BIS its the current set up I run. #gaming #pvp #mu...Sounds like you all have muskets who don't know how to build the gear. Muskets are hitting for 4k crits when empowered. Three hits equals 12k damage. 200 con is roughly 12k-13k. Getting off three hitscan shots is easy. ... The movement in new world is quite slow as well, making it even easier than most FPS. ReplyNov 12, 2021 · I have been playing this Musket build a lot recently in New World and it's really good. I thought I'd share it with you guys so you can go out and destroy pe...The good combo is scream into 2 headshots. (or body shots because people like to wiggle around even while rooted) The S tier god combo is sticky bomb into a crowd then wait a second and scream and no one can dodge it. Sticky bomb does a shit load of damage this patch. Bonus points if you used orb of decay (explode it early for the burst and ...The Musket lacks build diversity. It is only seen with a Rapier because of its mobility and defensiveness. The only other pairing is rarely with a Bow to hold fort in defensive Wars, but that is up to playstyle differences. It is no doubt though that the Musket is incredibly impactful and will still deal significant amounts of damage and rack ...Welcome to’s Musket Bow New World PvP Build! This build is intended for group PvP specifically, whether it be open world, outpost rush or wars. The build excels at taking down enemies from a long-range, and is especially potent at keeping enemies off of siege equipment. This build is a specialized range build for …...

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The expansion did musket good. The 2023 PvP meta is definatly going to change.. Hope you all enjoy the commentary ...

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The names of the Three Musketeers are Athos, Porthos and Aramis. The main character of the novel, however, is d’Artagnan, a poor, young ...

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Musket Gameplay While this page focuses on assessing the viability of abilities and skill tree nodes, it also gives a bit of advice on how ...

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Build for Spear and Musket, SP MS. This Build for New World Character created by oski1079. This build is Melee, General (bot...

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Let us commence with the mastery of the Musket. Like any other weapon in New World, Musket also comes with two skill trees t...

Want to understand the Fire Staff Overview. The Fire Staff is a magical weapon that scales with Intelligence and deals Fire Damage. This weapon excels at dea? Get our free guide:

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